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- CBD E-liquid
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 CBD Oil
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There are several kinds of hemp CBD oils available, there are those mixed with hempseed oil, olive oil and other oils that have the function of protecting the CBD tincture on its way down the digestive tract. If it were not for these oils, the cannabidiol would be digested by the acids in the stomach and would have no effect at all.

 CBD E Liquids
Packed with CBD and the beneficial terpenes but without any THC or nicotine present in the liquid. This way you can vape CBD to your delight and enjoy the traditional flavor of cannabis, without the buzz or concern or any other fruity flavor from a wide range of forest fruits. Our e-liquids contain less than the legal amount of THC allowed within the European Union, making it completely legal to consume anywhere and compatible with any e-cigarette that uses e-liquid or e-juice.

 CBD Skin Care
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Although there are many products around the market claiming to do wonders for your skin, Hemp CBD extract is one of the lesser known options. Remarkable advances in health have been possible thanks to CBD oil but another great function CBD has is on the skin. Good for all types of skin issues like allergies, nicks, cuts, bruises, acne, eczema and even insect bites have found soothing relief when topical CBD extract has been applied on them.

 CBD Edibles
If smoking is not your preferred way of consuming hemp CBD oil and you do not like the flavor of CBD drops at all, don't worry we have you covered with the line of edibles available in CBD Oil Shop. With everything ranging from cookies to gummy bears, we have specially selected a particular option of products we consider the best from some of the most outstanding producers of CBD infused edibles.

- Hemp Super Food Flour
- CBD Candy Pillows Mint
- CBD Candy Get Well Soon
- Candy Pillows Lavender
- CBD Peppermint Candies
- CBD Honey
- Super Food - Savory Cookies
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 CBD Concentrates
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Concentrates are not the same as e-liquids and are not compatible with all vaporisers, unless they heat over 220°. The other concentrate available from CBD are 99% crystal isolate which is practically as pure as CBD extracts can get. The most common ways of consuming these extracts are smoked so they are not too recommendable for lung cancer patients or patients that have trouble breathing, nor are they suitable for pets.

- Essential CBD Dabs CO2
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